Opals Bracelet, Peridots Bracelet, Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Wrap your wrist with the vibrant hue of opal stones and stunning peridots.

This gorgeous sterling-silver bracelet features dazzling four peridots and three Australian precious opals that reflect the light and catch the eye.
The Bracelet features 4 beautifully faceted Peridots, due to their excellent transparency.

A deep and intense green colored peridot is considered the most desirable and the most valuable. Cut and polished, it has an attractive, greasy and vitreous luster.
Peridot has an ancient history and has been used for jewelry for thousands of years. It is a gemstone with a fascinating history, both in nature and culture. The ancient Romans called it ‘evening emerald’ since its color did not darken at night, but could still be appreciated by candlelight and the light of a campfire. Peridot was also brought back to Europe by the Crusaders and was often used to decorate medieval churches.
In ancient beliefs, peridot was a gift of Mother Nature to celebrate the annual creation of a new world. National leaders who publicly wore peridot were in former times thought to be gentle, fair and wise.
3 free form precious opals are embedded in this bracelet.

The Bedouins believed that opals contained lightning and fell from the sky during thunderstorms…
The word Opal comes from the Sanskrit “upala” for stone, or precious stone. There are many varieties ranging from opaque and milky or common opal to fiery precious so-called black opal.
Because Opals contain water molecules, they are very sensitive to heat.
Opals are hard to beat for variety of color and eye-catching brilliance. In addition to color the amount of light an opal reflects is a key in determining value. The most valuable opals sparkle with the brightest color flashes and these change with the viewing angle. This phenomenon is typically referred to as opalescence.
An emotional stone reflecting the wearer’s mood, Opal intensifies emotions, releases inhibitions and encourages both freedom and independence. Opal enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. It is therefore easy to understand how Opal can stimulate originality and creativity while helping to release anger, claim self-worth and express one’s true self. Opal is said to strengthens memory, heighten an interest in the arts and to bring loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity.
Opal brings its watery (emotional) energy to the surface of your life. In this way it can be very powerful to enhance self-esteem and a sense of self-worth – despite other conditions. When this is aligned with the inspiring love energies Opal can help you to release damaging inhibitions and access your deeper spiritual nature. Opal may also be used to bring pleasant dreams and avoid nightmares. It is a soothing stone which can calm turbulent emotions and bring a deep sense of hope and inner peace.
The high-polish sterling-silver setting adds extra shine to the piece while providing exceptional longevity.
The sterling silver chain has a mechanism, allowing it to adjust.

Gemstone colors:
Opals: Blue-green-gold play of color
Peridots: live-green (mined in Myanmar)
Gemstone shapes: Oval, round
Metal: 925-Sterling silver
Finish: High polish

Length: 200 mm
Thickness: 6 mm
Weight: 17 g

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