Michael Stillwater

Michael Stillwater

Michael Stillwater innovates with music, words, and images. 

An award-winning songwriter, recording artist and filmmaker, he provides artistic and transformative reflection upon core societal issues. An innovative educator, he catalyzes creative expression in people of all ages- even those who feel cut off from their creativity. 

Through Song Without Borders, the nonprofit creative arts agency he founded, he created his first film, Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen. acclaimed ‘a heartening rarity’ by the Wall Street Journal, received three Best Documentary awards at US film festivals and enthusiastic response from a global audience, including Europe and South Africa. The movie tells the story of one man’s deep listening in the solitude of nature, and sharing the song he hears through millions of choral voices.

Stillwater’s chants and healing songs are enjoyed by listening audiences and in singing circles, gatherings, churches and communities, with multiple recordings by other artists as well as himself. (see ChantWave, Recordings and Songbooks)

His intuitive recording artistry provides a unique way for people to feel seen and supported at an essential level. The Honoring is a music healing ceremony which demonstrates empathic connection in a unique and beautiful way. SongSourcing is a method offering a way for anyone to re-connect to their own intuitive vocal expression. Stillwater’s Song Sanctuary seminars and retreats combine these elements in a one-day, two-day, or six-day program.

Co-author with film composer Gary Malkin of Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying, Care for the Journey: Messages and Music for Sustaining the Heart of Healthcare, and The Heart of Healing, he is founder of Inner Harmony, offering musical services online and on-site, and Song Without Borders, producer of films and other programs applying song to personal and societal transformation, a project of nonprofit Living Bridges of Santa Fe, NM.

Together with his wife, creative partner and project co-producer, Doris Laesser Stillwater, a Swiss contemplative psychologist, he co-leads Art of Presence and Song Sanctuary Retreats, often with guest presenters, in America and Europe, providing support through contemplative, creative and personal growth practice. He resides in Switzerland and travels frequently, offering musical programs, keynote performances and creative educational programs worldwide.

from The Welcoming, a spoken meditation on the CD Graceful Passages

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