Viking Jewelry Pendant, Rock Crystal Pendant, Disk Pendant, Sterling Silver Pendant

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An exquisite silver framed rock crystal disc from the 13th Century, transition period between the Viking era and the Middle Ages. The original was found in Fröjel (Gotland). The crystal ball, with all certainty, comes from quartz deposits in Russia. Its unique silver work shows that it presumably was made in Gotland.

This striking and beautiful piece of jewelry conceals mysteriously its secret purpose. Through all these years there have been a number of hypotheses about its secret purpose. Some declare that it was used as a magnifying or burn glass. others believe that it was used as a navigational instrument. A modern hypothesis is that it belonged to a magician and it was used as a portable crystal ball for prophecies. The purpose of the pendant is still a mystery whereas the beauty of it remains.
The crystal balls are carefully chosen from the finest rock crystal, which thereafter are cut and polished by hand. The silver-forging is handmade in 925 sterling silver.

Diameter: 22 mm

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