Tibetan Singing Bowl, Brass Bowl, Meditation Gift, Yoga Gift, Work of Art

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Hand-hammered or Beaten Singing Bowls
A special alloy is heated in the oven and then brought into shape by hundreds of countless hammer blows. For the hammer blows, up to 6 men are needed, which are alternately working on one single Singing Bowl.
This process is a more organic way to make singing bowls, and it is how singing bowls were originally made. Hand Hammered singing bowls have a larger range of tone than cast singing bowls, and they produce a beautiful, intricate sound. Some hand hammered meditation bowls have a wide range of sound in a single bowl.
Creating a hand hammered bowl is a labor of love and each one in unique! The artisan starts with a thick piece of metal and, by heating and hammering, shapes it gradually into a bowl. Most hand hammered bowls have a uniform thickness, another testament to the craftspersons skill.
Tibetan Singing Bowls, when struck correctly, create a wonderful atmosphere of peace and spirituality. The undertones and overtones they produce remove blockages and calm the mind. The Tibetan Singing Bowl is an instrument that belongs in every spiritual household.
s with many musical instruments certain things have to be in balance for a singing bowl to be “in tune”. The type and thickness of the singing bowl’s metal have a lot to do with the harmonic quality and range of tones which a singing bowl will produce. But it’s the inherent tension within that metal which is the key factor to a singing bowl being either in or out of tune.
Additional pieces of metal, in the form of medallions or other additions, will never be found on a genuine hand-hammered bowl, as this would interfere with the sound. The other method for creating a singing bowl is less costly. This is the molded singing bowl, made by melting metal and pouring it into a mold.
Place the Singing Bowl in your left hand, held flat. Hold the stick in your right hand and strike the bowl softly on the outer rim. Turn the stick around the rim in order to gain full intensity of the overtones and undertones. With each order of a Singing Bowl one turning stick is delivered, free of charge!

We offer the bowls in two sizes

Weight: 600 grams
Euro: 125.-

Weight: 1400 grams
Euro: 295.-

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