Scarab Beetle Bangle, Egyptian Bangle, Sterling Silver Bangle

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You don’t just wear a bangle. You create yourself for the day. One slim band can create an elegant and feminine look.

Crafted in sleek 925-Sterling silver, this beautiful bangle will be a piece to treasure forever.
A fabulous, simple design for a ladies silver bangle that is clean and elegant, the medium sized hoop sterling silver bangle is perfect for a lady that wants a 925 sterling silver bangle that has a crisp feel and clean lines.

The front features two Scarab Beetles that clip over a hook and create a wider opening when undone to make it easier to put on.

Scarab Beetle:
A symbol of protection and good fortune. Known as the keeper of mysteries beyond life, the Scarab was thought to bestow renewal and safe passage through the unknown.
The particular species of beetle represented in the numerous ancient Egyptian amulets and works of art was commonly the large sacred scarab (Scarabaeus sacer).
The scarab beetle, or dung beetle, is associated with rebirth or eternal life. Though the best-known culture revering scarab beetles was ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle is a widespread symbol throughout the ancient and prehistoric world.

Scarab beetles lay eggs in balls of dung, which they bury. Ancient observers, seeing beetles roll and bury balls of dung which later produced more beetles, associated the ball of dung with the sun’s daily movement. The later hatching was a symbol of rebirth, as most ancients also believed the dung beetle buried itself and died with its ball of dung. The dung beetle thus became a symbol of immortal life and regeneration throughout the ancient world, from the Nordic Germans to the Buddhist Indians.
It seemed to the ancient Egyptians that the young scarab beetles emerged spontaneously from the burrow were they were born. Therefore they were worshipped as “Khepera”, which means “he was came forth.” This creative aspect of the scarab was associated with the creator god Atum.

Length: 68 mm
Width: 58 mm
Weight: 15 g

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