Rubellite Tourmaline Ring, Faceted Ring, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Rhodium Ring, Gemstone Ring, Handcrafted Ring

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High quality natural Rubellite ring set in rhodium-plated sterling silver. 

Rhodium (like gold) is a low tarnish metal and therefore remains bright and shiny under most environmental conditions. It enhances the beauty of silver and helps ensure the longest-lasting, most durable finish for your jewellery. It also is hypoallergenic, easy to wear and perfect as that special gift for a loved one.
This is a truly stunning gem – genuine tourmaline. It is completely natural and was carefully selected. 
Rubellites are quite rare and have become popular only in the last few centuries. Some of the Russian Crown Jewels from the 17th century, once thought to be rubies, are actually fine examples of rubellite gemstones.
Due to the crystal structure of rubellites, these red-toned gems almost always have small inclusions, which do not detract from the gem’s intense color and beauty. In fact, a rubellite inclusions are thought to lend each stone added interest and uniqueness. 

RUBELLITE: One of the most sought-after types of tourmaline, rubellite features brilliant cranberry to fuchsia shades deliver a romantic display of color. Due to their crystal structure, almost all rubellites contain small inclusions, but gemstone connoisseurs feel these natural markings only add to each stone’s distinct beauty.
Natural pink tourmaline is a stone of the perfected heart – one that is strong, vital, and full of passion for love and life. This Tourmaline’s combination of vibrant pink and ruby red creates a vibrational pattern that resonates deeper with the Heart Chakra than other heart-stones. It links not only to the heart of the Earth, but opens to love that goes beyond human relationships and reaches out to the Universe. 
Rubellite stimulates the Heart Chakra, and the Root Chakra as well, bringing an increased flow of prana, or life-force energies, to nurture and heal the emotional body. Its grounding influence increases a zest for living and for lively interaction with others. Rubellite helps revitalize passion and joy in sexuality, and aids in making dedicated commitments based on love.

Typically most natural stones will change a little as the light changes. 
Cutting is very important and significantly affects the value of the finished gem stone. A sign of good quality commercial cutting is that the stone is symmetrical and the proportions (table, crown, pavilion) are correct and the stone has a good polish and reflection.

Diameter: 16,8 mm
Circumference: 53 mm

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