Picasso Jasper Pendant, Sterling Silver Pendant, Crystals Stones

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Genuine Picasso Jasper Gemstone Pendant, Sterling Silver

Jasper is a variety of Chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline variety of Quartz. It is a metamorphic limestone that undergoes several transformations of heat and pressure deep within the earth, resulting in the beautiful layered look. It may go through metamorphic changes more than once; adding new elements to it’s composition. The lines and any web-like markings are caused by iron oxides.
Jasper is Greek for ‘spotted stone’, referring to it’s spotted and multi-coloured appearance. Picasso Jasper is sometimes called Picasso Marble or Picasso Stone. Picasso Jasper’s creative look with shades of grey often form patterns like a a beautiful painting. it’s named after the cubist painter, Pablo Picasso – it’s striking and it demands your attention.
Jasper stones in general are known to be nurturing stones. They are said to support you in times of stress by bringing tranquility and wholeness into your being and absorbing negative energy.
This stone is said to attract like minded people who will become your loyal and trusted friends. It is also said to renew old friendships and bring extra energy to established romantic relationships. Picasso Jasper has a strong grounding and calming qualities the help bring emotional strength and self-discipline. It reminds us to celebrate and enjoy life. What a beautiful thing to bring to your relationships!

Measurements: Gem-Stone: 60 mm, Including sterling silver bail: 73 mm
Weight: 16 grams

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