Ocean Jasper Orbicular Drilled Pendant, Healing Crystals, Crystals Stones

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ORBICULAR OCEAN JASPER Drilled – to be worn as Pendant
ORBICULAR jasper is a variety of jasper which contains variably-colored orbs or spherical inclusions or zones. Although commonly described as an orbicular jasper, the most recent research suggests it is the mineral chalcedony instead. The material is quite attractive when polished and is used as an ornamental stone, healing stone or gemstone.
The variety of quartz known as chalcedony is often unfamiliar to people. It is actually the mother stone of many semiprecious gems: banded chalcedony is better known as agate, red as carnelian, and black as onyx, etc. Ocean Jasper’s capacity to transmit light is a characteristic of chalcedony. By definition jasper is not translucent, unless cut extremely thin.
It is excellent healing stones that encourage a feeling of joy and elevated spirits! As they help you to release negative feelings, you feel more optimistic.
ORBICULAR Jasper is also an excellent stone to help you if you need a lift. These crystals aid you to communicate more positively and allow loving feelings to be expressed in what you say.
Working through your solar plexus chakra, they help you to enhance your personal power. Once you understand yourself better, this helps you to have greater self confidence, self esteem and self worth.
It brings our consciousness back to the present moment, relieves worry about the future or bitterness about the past. It helps relieve stress and the urge to flee reality, helping us understand the value of the present moment.

Origin: Madagascar
Weight: 31 grams
Measurements: 45 mm x 35 mm

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