Ocean Jasper Heart Shaped Stone, Healing Crystals, Crystals Stones

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Orbicular jasper (Ocean Jasper) is a variety of jasper which contains variably-colored orbs or spherical inclusions or zones. In highly silicified rhyolite or tuff, quartz and feldspar crystallize in radial aggregates of needle-like crystals which provide the basis or seed for the orbicular structure seen in this kind of jasper.
Spherulitic refers to spherulites, a more technical name for the orbs. In geology a spherulite is a spherical body, created by radial growth around a central point, like the spokes of a wheel. It is easy to forget that Ocean Jasper’s bulls-eyes, flowers/stars (orbs surrounded by druzy quartz), and irregular polygons are all crosscuts of three dimensional objects.
The material is very attractive when polished and is used as an ornamental stone or gemstone.

OCEAN JASPER is a stone of joy and high spirits. It opens one’s awareness to the benevolent aspects of life and lifts one’s mood through its positive vibrations.

It helps to bring hidden thoughts and feelings – griefs, fears, guilt, envy, love, hope – to the surface, to be released.
When held – the stone mirrors deep hidden unresolved emotional issues that have been there for a long time. Ocean Jasper has a gentle nurturing energy, is very protective and is related to the solar plexus chakra. It is useful in extending ones will into different dimensions and in restoration of debilitated internal organs.
It assists in accepting responsibility and instills patience. It facilitates continuity in circular breathing.

Length: 40 mm
Width: 45 mm

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