High quality natural Lapis Lazuli Earrings set in Sterling Silver

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High quality natural Lapis Lazuli Earrings set in 925 sterling silver.
Handcrafted in with oval Lapis gemstone , mined in Afghanistan.

LAPIS LAZULI – It is one of the oldest ‚spiritual stones, first mined six thousand years ago in Afghanistan‚Äîthe finest stones still come from that area. Its name comes from the Latin word lapis, meaning ‚stone, and the Arabic word azul, which means ‚blue.
Lapis has been used in ornamental decoration for thousands of years. The Egyptians crushed it and used it to decorate their eyelids. It was also ground and used for paint. In Egypt lapis was used mainly by royalty and priests, and it is believed that the sapphire referred to in the Bible was actually lapis lazuli. Lapis is often worn as talismans and used in inlaid work and ornaments. The Romans believed it was an aphrodisiac.
LAPIS is probably most well-known metaphysically for its use to promote psychic awareness and in achieving meditative states such as trance and other altered states of consciousness.
Reputed to be a stone for teachers, lapis has many useful magical properties. It has been referred to as a stone of awareness and wisdom and may be used to enhance creativity. Its gift of insight is useful in divination.
LAPIS is a protective stone, both from physical danger and psychic attacks.

Length: 24 mm (0,94 inch)
Width: 17 mmm (0,66 inch)
Full Length: 48 mm (1,88 inch)
Weight: 12 g

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