Golden Scissors Pendant, Gold Pendant, Symbol Jewelry

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Genuine Gem Pendant, Symbol Jewelry, Symbol Pendant, Gemstone Jewelry, Unique Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Handcrafted Silver, Meditation Pendant, Handcrafted Pendant, Unique Pendant

A precisely worked solid 8 carat Gold pendant –
Gold scissors mean riches are on their way. Cutting with scissors in dreams means monetary profit.
SCISSORS are a female weapon, and it can refer to your need to cut something out that is not essential from your life, feelings, sensations, or behaviors. You should examine what that “something” is. Seeing yourself wanting to cut something with scissors in a dream indicates that you should examine your waking life a bit more, because the scissors predicts annoyances and conflicts ahead.
SCISSORS can be telling you to chop out the things in your life that you do not need. Scissors are part of your quest to eliminate anything non-essential from your lifestyle. This can be feelings and thoughts that you keep, yet regard as immoderate, or are psychologically damaging and must be cured.
The process of dividing something into smaller pieces or sections, such as breaking down a problem in order to analyze it.

Cutting something out of a page could represent focusing on something desirable in your life in order to give it more attention, or a desire to remove something unwanted in your life.


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