Golden Feather Pendant, Native American Pendant, Gold Pendant, Symbol Jewelry

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A lovely solid 8carat pendant – a classic piece of solid Gold jewellery.
Feathers have many different meanings, but they have always been associated with freedom, transcendence and communication with spiritual realms.
As a symbol across many cultures, FEATHERs have always represented a connection to spiritual realms and to divinity. And because of their connection to birds, they have always been a symbol of flight and freedom, not just physically, but also in a mental or spiritual sense.

Like a bird that soars through the boundless sky and has a view of all things from high above,FEATHERs symbolize the ability to transcend and move beyond your mental barriers and limitations – to see the larger picture and understand what really matters.
They represent the freedom of your mind and heart and your ability to travel, change and move through life freely.
Feathers have been used by many Native American or aboriginal cultures because they were seen as having a connection to the divine. Native Americans considered feathers to be gifts from the sky. As such, they carried with them all the power of the birds, wind and air, and the power of the sky gods.
In Ancient Egypt, the FEATHER was the symbol of Ma’at, the goddess of truth, justice and order. She is often depicted wearing a single ostrich FEATHER in her hair.
Gold is the color of the sun, full of happiness, optimism, confidence and feeling good about yourself.
It is the color of creativity, emotional balance, intuition, harmony and the expression of your emotions.
A golden fFEATHER may be a reminder to you to stay light-hearted, to keep a positive outlook and to know that you are enough, perfect just as you are. Feel free to express your emotions, allow a little spontaneity into your life and just have fun!

Length: 25 mm
Weight: 3 g

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