Golden Brass Harmony Ball Pendant, Musical Sound Bell Harmony Ball Pendant, Chime Ball Peridot Pendant, Sterling Silver Pendant

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925 Sterling Silver and Golden Brass Harmony Ball Pendant
Musical Sound Bell Harmony Ball, Chime Ball with Natural Peridot gemstone cabochon

The Ball pendant is elegantly subversive and captures the spirit of the beautiful woman – timeless design.
A harmony ball, is a brass ball that chimes with the subtle sound of a wind chime in a soft breeze. It is enclosed in a 925 Sterling Silver cage and worn as jewellery.
Stunning Harmony Ball featuring very intricate Sterling Silver Traditional cultural motif designs on the golden Brass Ball with an internal 925 Sterling Silver harmony chime ball. It creates a beautiful soothing soft chiming sound with movement .
This is a larger harmony ball pendant consisting of a intricate 925 sterling silver cage inside of which is a brass ball containing a tiny brass bell.
Designed to be comfortable and easy to wear.
Beautiful handcrafted sterling silver pendant and brass with detailed filigree work.
Harmony balls contain tiny brass xylophones that create soothing, magical sounds when shaken.

The PERIDOT is one of the lesser-known gemstones, despite its illustrious history, increasing rarity and lively beauty.
The color of the stones, reminiscent of spring, linked them to nature, youthfulness and the goddess Isis.
Egyptian Priests drank from cups lined with peridot to heal maladies and pay tribute to the goddess.
– The gems were thought to promote wealth and power for their wearers and also to ward against nightmares and jealous thoughts.
We bet it’s nearly impossible to see a a Peridot and not smile.
Governed by both the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, Peridot unites their energies.
In this, Peridot alternately gives heart energy to our will and, at the same time, infuses the strength we need to act on our heart’s deepest desires.
In nature Peridot grows as a hexagon. In SACRED GEOMETRY the hexagon represents balance, positivity and resolution. The hex appears again and again in nature from flowers to honeycombs. So again, we find the Peridot spirit having strong ties to Gaia and the patterns of creation itself.
One more symbolic meaning for you to ponder with this healing crystal – it’s linked to both the sun and the moon, so Peridot bridges the gap between the conscious and sub-conscious as well as the Higher Self and even Divine realms. As such it is a good meditative tool.
Peridots are rare in Hawaii, but as one of the few natural gems found on the islands they quickly became a treasured part of native mythology.
Tiny peridot pebbles washed up onshore, causing the Hawaiians to believe they were the tears of Pele, goddess of the fiercest elements.
It is a delicate stone, and a rare one, so treat your peridot jewelry with great care to preserve it for the appreciation of future generations.

Weight: 10 grams
Diameter: 19 mm

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