Genuine Green Chlorite Phantom Quartz Pendant

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It is both beautiful to look at and has a high vibration.
This absolutely awesome 925-Sterling Silver pendant features a mysterious green moss in a clear quartz, a green chlorite phantom Quartz.
Green Chlorite Phantom is where a crystal growth was paused leaving a partial or complete Phantom, within the crystal, after it continued to grow. It exudes powerful radiant energies of clearing and healing.
A rare Himalayan Quartz Crystal with Chlorite Phantom
is one of the most favourable healing stones.
There are many different types of phantom, including chlorite (green)and/ or lithium (mauve) like in our beautiful piece here.
It symbolizes universal awareness. Both polished and unpolished are excellent energy sources for initiation of the healing process.
In mineralogy, an inclusion is any material that is trapped inside a mineral during its formation.
Phantom crystals can be composed of a wide variety of materials including: sand, clay, chlorite, actinolite and mica or iron materials such as goethite and hematite. Another way that a phantom may have occurred could be due to temperature changes during the crystal’s formation, where severe temperature changes interfered with the original growth for a bit (like a few thousand or millions of years)
Green Chlorite in Quartz as a powerful healing combination amplifies the purifying, detoxifying properties of the Chlorite making it one of the best crystals to use for physical cleansing. Chlorite not only works with the physical body, but the auric body as well. It will help to cleanse the aura, chakras and the meridians. 
It is a great crystal to clarify excessive anger or frustration while gently removing and dissipating the energy.

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