Fossil Coral Polished Oval

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FOSSIL CORAL – Hexagonaria percarinata fossil coral
Petrified Coral Cabochon Domed and polished to a mirror finish. The polishing allows for the beautiful, inner structure of the coral colony to be seen.
FOSSIL CORAL is a natural stone formed from ancient corals. It should not be mistaken for protected and endangered coral reef from the modern oceans of today.
Corals have been growing in the oceans around the world for almost 500 million years.
The corals thrived in warm shallow marine waters and over time were buried in sediments as the land surface was juggled by crustal plate movements or the oceans rose and fell.
Hexagonaria was a genus of colonial coral found in the Devonian worldwide. They are commonly found as large rounded heads. In this case, the specimen was polished to show the amazing cellular detail of the animal. The smooth lovely honey and amber tones colors are delightful to behold.
In a closer view you can see the multiple star-like corallites of this coral. Each corallite held a tentacular feeding polyp in life. The radiating lines are thin vertical sheets of skeleton called septa. The corallites in this type of coral shared common walls and nestled up against each other as close as possible.

Length: 45 mm (1,77")
Width: 30 mm (1,18")
Weight: 30 g

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