Double Bladed Axe Pendant, Pagan Pendant, Sterling Silver Pendant, Symbol Jewelry

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Artemis wielded a DOUBLE-BLADED AXE as her scepter,the symbol of woman’s power.
It is handmade of sterling 925 silver
The word “labrys”, a word of Minoan origin is a double headed axe, known as well as “pelekys” or “sagaris”.
Representations of double axes are found in Africa, in Old Europe, in Minoan Crete among other places, and they are mainly associated with the worship of Mother Earth or Great Goddess.
Labrys (is the term for a symmetrical double-bitted axe originally from Crete in Greece, one of the oldest symbols of Greek civilization; The symbol was commonly associated with female divinities.
Minoan labrys has been used as a ritual axe, found in ancient Minoan depictions of the Mother Goddess. Its symbolism is related to the labyrinth and it is believed that the meaning of the worl labyrinth is the “house of the double axe”. Labrys was used by female priestesses only.
Walk the sacred labyrinth with Ariadne, loving goddess of ancient Crete who lives on in the hearts and minds of the modern world.
The LABRYS, as a historic goddess movement symbol representing the memory of Pre-patriarchal matristic societies, has also been used since the 1970s as a feminist symbol said to represent women’s strength and self-sufficiency.
Labrys symbolism is found in Minoan, Thracian, and Greek religion, mythology, and art, dating from the Middle Bronze Age onwards, and surviving in the Byzantine Empire.
Labrys was a cult-word that was probably introduced from Anatolia, where such symbols have been found in Çatal Höyük from the neolithic age.
For the Minoans on Crete, the symbol was especially associated with female divinities and priestesses and thus became a synonym for matriarchy. To find such an axe in the hands of a Minoan woman would therefore indicate that she held a powerful position within Minoan society.
The shape of the double axe (referring to the moon) and the belief that it was used in the battlefields by the Amazons makes it a symbol associated with female and the female empowerment till our days.
It seems that the goddess of the double-axe presided over the Minoan palaces, and especially over the palace of Knossos. “Mistress of the labyrinth” was undoubtedly the goddess of the palace.
The priests at Delphi in classical Greece were called Labryades (the men of the double axe).
So the next time you see a labrys, try imagining it coming to life and taking flight, its butterfly wings flashing gold in the sunlight, reminding you that there is more to life than first meets the eye.

Length: 44 mm
Weight: 4 g

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