Cobalto Calcite Earrings, Druzy Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Sterling Silver Earrings

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For deep heart -healing and self-Love.
Candy Pink natural druzy set in white sterling silver.

Lovely light pink to dark magenta COBALTO CALCITE (Cobaltian Calcite, and believed to be more correctly-Cobaltoan Dolomite) from Zaire, Africa.
This is a variety of Calcite containing Cobalt. The result of the cobalt is that the calcite is colored a pale pink to a raspberry pink. In pure sphaerocobaltite, the coloring effect is magnified.
Metaphysical Properties:
Pink Cobalto Calcite cabochons are said to symbolize love and caring and are good for broken hearts and self discovery. It is the emotional healer’s stone, radiating with love and soft vibrations. it fills up the heart with universal and unconditional self-love. I feel instilled with hope that everything is as it is meant to be! This druzy heals your inner child, and any past abuse, by filling your heart with love and sealing gaps in your aura. These crystalline pieces are so beautiful, and the natural coloring is just stunning – an amazing example of Mother Gaia’s natural magic.
Pink calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. ts purifying energy releases stored negativity from a space or physical body.
DRUZY is the glittering effect of tiny crystals over top a colorful mineral. It is beautiful when used in making jewelry. One of the perks to druzy stones is that they are not as expensive as big faceted gemstones and they have sparkle and great color and it can be cut into various shapes with ease. The druzy gems grow slowly over millions of years and are found as the very last layer of growth on agate or another colorful base. While they look sparkly and delicate, druzy quartz is a fairly durable gem.

Length: 40 mm
Weight: 7 grams each

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