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Concentric circles in Solid Silver , circles contained inside another circle.
In geometry, two or more circles are said to be concentric when they share the same center or axis, (sharing the same center point).
The ripples formed by dropping a small object into still water naturally form an expanding system of concentric circles. Evenly spaced circles on the targets used in target archery or similar sports provide another familiar example of concentric circles.
– Concentric circles, one above the other with a common center, have been found all over the world. These symbolic circles are also found with vertical and horizontal lines intersecting the center of the circles.
– Three concentric circles occur in some holy temples. At Stonehenge the stones were laid in one, three, five and seven circles. However, the most commonly found contains only one circle of stones. Concentric circles are also frequently found on rock surfaces (rock art).
“A circle has no beginning and no end.”
and speaking of bent, even when a circle is bent around, it still has no beginning and no end.
SILVER deals with the moon and as such it is an attribute of feminine energy.
Silver is symbolic of such attributes as awareness, clarity, and vision because of its bright/clear appearance.
Silver is a symbol for strength because this metal withstands abuse, weathering, and even heat. Nevertheless, it can still be molded into desired forms.
SILVER jewelry has long been prized for its brilliant luster and its easy workability. Pure silver, also known as 999 fineness, is highly tarnish resistant, but too soft for use in jewelry. Silversmiths often alloy it with other metals like copper, to harden it. Sterling silver, for example, is 92.5 % silver and 7.5 % copper. Sterling silver is a silver jewelry standard in many countries and has been since the 14th century.
It is an international superstar in the fashion world – SILVER is a white, elemental metal believed to have been mined as early as 4000 B.C. It has been used for jewelry, tableware, coins, and dentistry. Silver is also valued, both in ancient and modern times, for its antimicrobial properties. Silver coins were sometimes placed in water barrels to prevent fouling, and surgical instruments can have a silver coating.
Traditionally, SILVER is associated with water, the moon, and moon goddesses, such as Selene.

925-Sterling Silver Pendant

Diameter: 50 mm
Weight: 17 grams

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