Chrysoprase, Free Shape Healing Crystal, Healing Crystals, Crystals Stones

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This absolutely stunning chrysoprase gem is completely natural and was carefully selected and finely polished .
It is a much sought after gem from Queensland Australia (considered to be the source of world’s highest quality).
Chrysoprase is typically translucent to opaque.
Translucent specimens are considered most valuable.
When cut and polished, it has a vitreous to waxy luster.
Color can range from light, minty-green to intense deep,
apple-green. Deeper colors are considered more desirable Chrysoprase is said to help balance the conscious and unconscious realms of the mind. It carries strong energy and crystal power, which can bring happiness, protection, success, friendship, good fortune and prosperity.
Chrysoprase promotes inner-strength and courage. Historically it was highly prized by Greeks, Roman and Egyptians alike for its many great powers and alluring soft color.It was a favorite of Frederich the Great of Prussia. According to Greek legend, chrysoprase ensures a happy marriage, good health, and its power was ‘recharged’ when placed out in the open during the half-moon. Chrysoprase is a powerful stone that brings poise, grace and mental dexterity. It is also thought to be able to reduce inferiority complexes and mend broken hearts by boosting self-esteem. It is ideal for opening, activating and energizing the heart chakra.

Measurements: 22mm x 16 mm
Weight: 3 g

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