Chrysocolla Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Turquoise Color Earrings, Sterling Silver Earrings

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Peruvian blue & green 3rd chakra protection & healing Chrysocolla
Chrysocolla is well known amongst the American Indian cultures who have been using it as a healing stone for strengthening the body’s resistance and for calming upset feelings.
very dense and hard
natural material, untreated
intense shamanic energy
Chrysocolla has a unique green-blue colour but it can vary widely from more blue to more green, often in the same specimen.
Chrysocolla can be used daily to bring light, love and healing into your life.
This stone can help you express your feelings. It also inspires flexibility in your life and creativity in all things. Chrysocolla encourages to bring and understand the need for emotional balance.
Chrysocolla cleans and re-energises the chakras and aligns them with the divine.
Solar plexus chakra – chrysocolla will draw out negative emotions such as guilt and other self destructive emotions.
Heart chakra – here it heals heartache and increases your capacity to love yourself and others.
Throat chakra – it improves your communication skills but also lets you know when to be silent.
Chrysocolla is a stone that sends tranquil and sustaining vibrations to you when the stone is worn or meditated with. It helps you communicate effectively with others. Chrysocolla draws off all negative energies. It helps to a adjust to situations that are constantly changing. Chrysocolla is ideal for relationships that are unstable by stabilising and healing both the home and personal interaction.

Weight: 5 grams
Length: 70 mm
Width: 12 mm

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