Amoghasiddhi Statue, Green Buddha of the North Statue, Brass Statue, Meditation Gift, Yoga Gift, Work of Art

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Amoghasiddhi occupies the northern quarter of the mandala.
AMOGHASIDDHI is one of the Five Wisdom Buddhas of the Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism.
His action towards the promotion of Buddhist paths is the pacification of evils. This is symbolised by Amoghasiddhi’s symbol, the moon. He gestures in the mudra of fearlessness, symbolising his and his devotees’ fearlessness towards the poisons or delusions.
He is associated with the air or wind element.
His mudra is Abhaya or Fearlessness. Abhaya can also mean “no danger”. Amoghasiddhis is associated with the Tantric Rite of Fearlessness, and with success.
This Buddha, AMOGHASIDDHI, is the representation and embodiment of ultimate power, energy and union of all opposites. He is the Buddha of the north, of midnight, of midwinter, of darkness, shadow and light. He is the Buddha of action, his wisdom is the wisdom that is in all action. He transforms the darkness in us, and one of the qualities he is most said to help us transform is envy, or in truth, insecurity.
AMOGHASIDDHI, is the Buddha who can impress even the titans, the powerful executives, the stars, and the desparate. His energy is beyond all other energy, his power is inconceivable, so of course the titans would respect him and listen to him. His name means unobstructed success, his wisdom is the all accomplishing wisdom. So he is the Buddha to transform envy, and by association much of our craving, whether or not it is conscious.
AMOGHASIDDHI, who is Green Taras consort, is hidden, quiet and unobtrusive, subtle activity across all those universes and galaxies. A multidimensional all accomplishing figure, with the power to move worlds. Lord of Karma, of all action, of all accomplishment and spiritual success. He is the lamp for the dark, he is the flash of lightning across a dark sky, he is hope, he is vigorous activity to realise that hope and cross the water. With his light in our cells, with his chi moving through us, there is nothing, NOTHING, we cannot achieve, as long as it is for the good of all life.
But he is also sound, and sound is the building block of all matter. In the beginning was the word, the primal OM. All matter vibrates and all that vibrates is sound, but his sound, resonates all matter, all beings. His song increases your vibration, lightning through oily black skies. In the sutra of golden light he is Dundubishvara, lord of the drum, and his energy is like the loudest, most jarring sound, one perhaps to induce fear, jolt you awake. Yet, in the silence beneath it, there is the song of all beings.
So AMOGHASIDDHI, sound, wind, change, chi, energy, fearlessness nad integration, resolution, union. He is light and sound, he is all matter vibrating, energizing, changing. He ignites your bodhicitta, he is your courage, your faith, your inspiration, your resolve to act, to accomplish, to work for the happiness and the illumination of all that lives, has lived, and that will ever live anywhere.

Material: Brass
Weight: 3,5 kg / 7,7 Pound
Height: 25 cm / 9,84 inches

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