SILVER ESSENCE "Argentum Potabile" 30 ml

Alchemistic Essences according to Paracelsus

We absolutely wanted to add these two essences to our program, because we take them for an important means for the strong transformative times, we live in.

Argentum Potabile - Silver-Essence

The Silver-Essence "-Argentum Potabile"- is based on old recipes from Paracelsus and was used as a kind of elixir of life. As a high alchemistic essence of the silver, it conveys the vital forces of the female origin, the moon. According to the old Doctrine of Signatures: rhythm, regeneration, growth, receptivity, fertility, reproduction, calming and contemplation, as well as all construction processes in the nature are assigned to the moon-themes.
Influence of the silver-essence: The Silver-Essence is associated with the sexual chakra, the moon (and the Monday). It regulates energetically, the rhythmic processes and water-element energies in the organism, that are associated with the moon and has a calming and harmonizing effect on effervescent energy states. Furthermore it strengthens charisma, attraction and the ability for devotion, refines feeling und encourages dreaming.
The Silver-Essence is used as single essence, mainly in the evening, because at this stage a calming of the energies corresponds to the daily rhythm and a calming during the day is not always desired. Aswell, it is suitable for everyone, to use this essence together with the "-male"-, activating gold, the "-Aurum Potabile"- (the latter rather in the morning).
The Silver-Essence „Argentum Potabile"- has nothing to do with colloidal silver, homeopathicn silver or silver salts. Due to the complex production process, it is said to be a traditional, alchemistic essence of the seventh- and thus highest level, a so-called „High Arcanum"-. During the production of this essence, natural silver compounds are liquidized with the help of high solvents of alchemy, the so-called "-Secret Fires"- and the "- Philosophical Mercurius"- in a secret way. Than, the solution is worked on for weeks, distilled and energetically charged. The finished elixir, as a High Arcanum (so highest alchemical remedy) contains, "-soul"-, "-spirit"- and "-purified Stoffkörper"- of the metals - brief: their entire acting essence.

Argentum Potabile Silver -Essence
30 ml

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