Lemon essential Oil 10 ml

Also known as Citrus limon oil, is extracted from lemon peels, which have many volatile oil glands in their pits.
- Approximately 1,000 lemons are needed to produce one pound of lemon oil.
- The citrus scent of lemons comes from a chemical compound called limonene, which comprises the majority of lemon oil.
Lemons were used by ancient Indians, Egyptians and Romans as a remedy for infectious diseases.

If you have ever deeply inhaled the scent of lemon oil, you’ve probably noticed that it has a stimulating, and yet calming, influence in the mind. In an effort to better understand the relationship between smell and mood, researchers examined the psychological and physiological impact of smelling either lemon oil, lavender oil, or plain water before and after experiencing a stressor. Of the 56 healthy volunteers, those that smelled lemon oil reported increased positive mood – despite having their hands plunged in ice water! The researchers also measured stress hormones and found that norepinephrine, which plays a role in cognition and learning, was maintained at elevated levels after inhaling lemon oil.

Because of lemon’s outstanding nutrient profile, it helps treat numerous health conditions.

Fight respiratory infections like bronchitis, coughs and sore throat. It can also bring relieve to discomfort from colds, fevers, flu and asthma
Lower blood pressure and promote healthy blood circulation
Support immune function by stimulating the production of white blood cells
Detoxify your skin and body of toxins
Inhibit inflammation
Control overactive sebaceous glands that contribute to acne and poor hair conditions
Soothe acidity and heartburn, as it is helps balance your stomach pH level
Reduce broken capillaries and varicose veins
Address constipation and promote elimination of waste
Sanitize wounds, household objects and hospital rooms due to its antibacterial properties
Relive arthritis, due to its anti-inflammatory properties
Calm anxiety, improve mood and prevent emotional outbursts and violent behavior



Content: 10 ml

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