Kabbalah Pendant Cleansing

Based on a Prayer composed by an unknown author at the end of the 15thcentury. When its great power was noticed, it was added to the end of the Book of Creation. As in the prayer, this amulet helps its owner to cleanse himself from the influence of evil spirits, demons and angels of destruction which clung to him during the day (as we wash ourselves from sweat and dirt after a day's work). It helps regain mental calmness and good night's sleep without nightmares. It is recommended to put the amulet between the two hands, preferably on the last hour of daylight (not at night), and concentrate on its purpose. It is also possible to think of helping another person. It is good for everyone, but especially for those who deal with the occult and with exposure to different entities.

Grösse/size: 0.9x1.1"/26x23mm.


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