Feels Like Home

Michael Stillwater

A Chant of Returning

Om Brahma Vishnu Shiva

Shakti Kali Maha Deva

Elohenu Alleluia Adonai Jehovah

Abba Amma Wakantaka Kyrie Rama Om

Buddha Allah La Illaha 

Om Mane Pa Me Hung

All the love that's in the world

In every boy and every girl

Is in you, is in you.

O it Feels Like Home, 

O it Feels Like Home, 

O it Feels Like Home.

'Cause we're not alone now, 

No we're not alone now, 

No we're not alone. (repeat)

O God, O God, O God Is,

I Am That I Am.

(repeat) Alleluia, Om Namah Sivaya.

'Cause It Is Like Home, 

O It Is Like Home,

O It Is Like Home.

Feels Like Home is a musical portal for remembering we are ever connected,

never alone, and already Home. A mantric recitation of the Names of God from a variety of traditions, a Divine Ostinato of essential unity beyond appearances, runs like an underground river throughout. 

Born from the shared attunement of Stillwater and Bakken, a Seattle-based musician and visionary producer, Feels Like Home has become a beloved chant for many since its inception in 2006.

Written & Produced by Michael Stillwater and Rick Bakken

Voice & Guitar, Michael Stillwater

Bass & Lead Guitars, Rick Bakken

Harmony Vocals, Holly Croydon

Engineering: Rick Bakken, Stephen Sherrard, Dan Alvarez

Arranged by Michael Stillwater & Rick Bakken

Orchestration by Michael Stillwater & Dan Alvarez

Final Mix by Dan Alvarez


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