Medicine Music Collection

Michael Stillwater

Includes Journeysongs, BirthSongs, Voices of the Heart, and Arc In Time

(1980-1998) The recorded songs of Michael Stillwater provide inspiration, insight, relaxation, and emotional healing. Listen to forty-two original songs of healing, celebration, and empowerment. A tapestry of the heart, spanning intimate guitar and voice tunes to pulsing chant rhythms, weaving together the healing power of Michael's songwriting.

You may order these four CDs for a discount rate, or download the entire collection for an even greater savings.

JourneySongs evokes James Taylor's contemporary folk style;

Arc In Time is a retrospective of several earlier albums of healing songs;

BirthSongs intuitive voice and guitar for creativity and birthing; 

Voices of the Heart creates a contemplative atmosphere through choral chant.



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